Millbourne Borough Fire Marshal’s Office

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the state building
codes and fire codes in Millbourne Borough. Maintaining a seamless working relationship with the Millbourne police and fire department and other local agencies.

Fire Marshal: Rufus Stokes

The following are required per the Millbourne fire code: Ordinance # 416

Smoke Detectors

All residential properties are required to have smoke detectors installed in the following location:

  • Every bedroom and every level including attic.
  • Carbon Monoxide detector required in the basement.

Annual Fire Inspection

All Commercial properties in the borough of Millbourne are required to have an annual fire inspection. Commercial properties, day care centers, and others are required by borough ordinance to have one completed every year. The fee is based on the square footage of the property, so some owners will pay more than others.