Millbourne Borough Code Department

Building Code Officer/Director: Rufus Stokes and Pennoni – Sandra Cantrell Edwards
Property Maintenance Inspector/Code Officer

The code enforcement officer’s duties include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Enforcement of all Borough Ordinances.
  • Enforcement of the State Uniform Construction codes.
  • Enforcement of the Borough Property Maintenance Code.
  • Approval of all building permits.
  • Review and approve all plans for residential properties.[/listitem]
  • Inspection of all transfer of properties ( Certificate Of Occupancy) (U & O)
  • Inspection of rental properties (rental inspections will start in the near future on a (2) year inspection process. Even address will be even years, odd will be odd years.
  • Issue violation notices when properties are in violations of the borough & building codes.
  • Issue citations when owners, business and tenant do not comply with corrections of violations notices deadlines.
  • Issue citations to owners, businesses, & contractor that work in the borough without approved permits and Licenses.

Rental inspections will be done on a Bi-year period. Even address will be even years & odd addresses will be odd years.

  • Inspection cost $75 per unit and includes 2 inspection’s – first and secondary inspection if repairs are needed.
  • U & O inspection’s are $75 which includes 2 inspection’s – first and second if repairs are needed. Application’s will be available in the future for download.